Watchdogs Release Date Leaked Via New Trailer

Watch_Dogs-4According to Eurogamer, moments ago a new Watchdogs trailer was leaked on Xbox.Com, which revealed the games release date. This page featuring the trailer has since been removed but the date apparently falls on Tuesday the 27th of May. Ubisoft, whom many believed were about to unveil the new trailer (along with release date) this afternoon – sometime around 5pm, have had their hand forced and the trailer is officially available to view on their Youtube channel (or directly below). We still expect a full announcement from Ubis0ft with further details at around 5pm.

Watchdogs is a free roam technological thriller set in modern times. Players are in control of Aiden Pierce – a thug, hacker and technological terrorist. The story trailer shows the real reasons behind Aiden Pierce’s technological sabotage and his personal quest for revenge.

Critics have had their eye on this one for sometime and initially believed they didn’t have to wait long, with the original release date being November 22nd, 2013. However, delays saw the game put back with a ‘coming soon’ label over its head. Recent Twitter activity from a Ubisoft rep managed to stir up a fuss this week but it seems we’ll just have to wait a few more hours for the complete details.

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