Lego Hobbit Demo Available On PC – Plus New Buddy Feature

lego hobbit 101The demo for Lego Hobbit is now available on PC. Players with either Windows 8, 7, XP, or Vista have access to one playable level (download here). Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo owners will still have to wait as no demo has yet been confirmed.

The guys and girls at IGN were lucky enough to be invited to a private demo showing. Here they got hands on with one playable level of the game, which saw our heroic pack of dwarves fight off the Goblin King, much like the scene from the film itself. What was noticeably different about Lego Hobbit, as opposed to other Lego games, was the combat system. Each Dwarf has a distinctive finishing move. Thorin for example could knock enemies up in the air with his shield then smash them down to the ground with his sword.

The other big combat feature is the buddy system that interplays between the Dwarves. Much like the movie, the 12 Dwarves seamlessly work as a single unit and in Lego Hobbit you can, at anytime, quickly buddy up with another Dwarf to unleash devastating attacks upon your foe. According to IGN, each buddy interacts with the others in a variety of ways and, depending on the scenario or puzzle, the interaction can be very different.

Lego Hobbit will be available April the 11th on all major platforms.