Infamous: Second Son Has More Pre-Orders Than The Last Of Us

infamous 110Sucker Punch’s highly anticipated superhero game Infamous: Second Son has had a lot of exposure since the PS4 was unveiled. Over the coming month, this PS4 exclusive will have millions of dollars spent on it in advertising alone and you are very likely to see various TV and Cinema adverts dotted around the UK.

So with this big push, Sony has a lot of reasons to expect a high turnover. The Last of Us was one of the best selling games of 2013 and was easily one of the most critically acclaimed titles on the market, winning a whole host of awards. According to Sony, Infamous: Second Son has more pre-orders than the Last of Us had at the same point prior to launch. Sony’s UK Product Manager had this to say;

“We have high expectations for Infamous: Second Son and are excited by the level of pre-orders, which are exceeding that of The Last of Us at this point in the run up to its launch,”

This could of course be the fact that gamers are just hungry for a new triple AAA title to play on their new shiny PS4, but I’m sure Sony won’t mind either way. If Infamous sells as well as expected, Sony now have a greater chance of expanding the franchise. The Last of Us was a console ‘shifter’ and saw many who had perhaps traded in their PS3 re-buy the console just to play the game. So to put things into perspective, the PS4 has sold over 6 million units world wide and the Last of Us sold 3.4 million units in less than a month. Coincide this with the new PS4 bundle that includes Infamous: Second Son, and Sony might be sat on one of the biggest games of the year.

Infamous: Second Son is out March 21st and we’ll have a quick preview of the game later in the week. Check out the live action trailer below.

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