Infamous: Second Son Preview – This Is Next Gen

Twinstickgaming recently attended one of GAME’s famous lock-ins, where avid gamers can get hands on with various titles before they are released. On show tonight was InFamous: Second Son. It is no secret, that at the Twinstick offices, we are rather excited about this one. Millions have been spent on advertising and pre-orders for this title are through the roof. So with expectations so high, could Sucker Punch’s alternative superhero franchise live up to the pressure?

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Twinstickgaming were given a private showcase, much to the envy of the hordes of fans who had to wait outside for their turn. Sorry guys but trust me your wait will be worth it. Simply put InFamous: Second Son has the potential to be one of the most exciting games out this year.

Although the demo was rather short we were given a taste of what is to come. Graphically once again, Sony have outdone themselves. The attention to detail and the stunning visual effects surrounding our chief character’s superpowers are awe inspiring. Visually superb, this simply felt next gen to me. The fluidity of Delsin’s (our hero) movements are fantastic. Delsin is able to absorb various elements from his surrounding, such as neon lighting and smoke. These two abilities grant Delsin completely different sets of powers. You’ll even find that the melee button for one power is completely different to another. This means players have to learn and become skilled with each power set, then carefully select which elements are best suited to attack their foes. Once you are fully charged that is were the fun begins. Delsin’s free flowing movements give him the advantage of unleashing a multitude of devastating attacks. Cars will explode, bodies will fly in the air and buildings will be flattened. In short this superhero game offers a lot to those who love to roam around wreaking destruction.

Sadly, as the demo was in the alpha stages, we only saw two power types and didn’t get to see any of the morale choices  or dilemmas Delsin will face, but I was assured that this demo has given away very little. If that is the case InFamous: Second Son is a must have.

InFamous: Second is out on the 21/03/14 exclusively for PS4.

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