One Finger Death Punch – Review

one finger death punch 2The Xbox Live indie market place is full of half finished games and cheap cash ins, but every now and then you can find a gem. One Finger Death Punch is perhaps the largest gem in the whole lot and it’s only £1.99

One Finger Death Punch is a simple two button game that focuses on rhythm and timing. Your player is rooted to the centre of the screen and is tasked with taking out enemies approaching from the left or right. It’s that simple but boy is it a fantastic experience.

You’re a stick figure fighting other stick figures with a variety of martial arts styles and weapons. Death Punch is an incredibly brutal and visceral game. Attacks land with such power and onscreen effect you feel like a god. As the rounds go on, new and slightly more challenging enemies will approach giving some tactical elements to the gameplay. Blue enemies, for example, always dodge the first attack requiring a second blow from the opposite direction. Red enemies take a four hit combo before defeat. it doesn’t seem like much but in the later, faster levels, these coloured enemies take a little more thought to put down.

It’s a difficult game to write about. The mechanics are simple and responsive. The visual and audio feedback from the attacks are some of the best I’ve experienced. But what else can you say? Nothing, so check out some gameplay footage below.

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