Titanfall Player Hits Maximum Level In Less Than Four Days

titanfall 110Yep. You heard that right. DownTuClown (Reddit username) has hit the maximum rank on Titanfall in as little as three days, nine hours and five minutes. DownTuClown managed to hit Generation 10 in unprecedented time. For those not in the know, Titanfall uses Generations to rank up, the same way Call of Duty has it’s prestige system. Once you reach the maximum level within a generation players can choose to reset their skill level to zero, but progress to the next generation. Usually this tactic means the players forfeit any previous perks and equipment, which they can regain through further matches, in place of levelling up quicker.

Generations or prestiges have become a symbol for other players to lord over one another. However, few will be able to claim such a feat as this but I’m sure, even as we speak, many will be setting up new profiles just to be this amazing achievement. DownTuClown spoke on Reddit;

“it was mostly individual skill I’d say……My kill stats aren’t bad but I don’t feel they’re a good reflection of my skill, which they would almost certainly be used for. I had to go out of my way to do certain challenges and those certainly affected my stats in a negative way. I played strictly to progress quickly rather than to have good stats”

A majority of the gametime was spent in Attrition matches playing as a Pilot. Sadly there are no leader boards to support DownTuClowns claims, which may cause many to be cynical, but Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella appears to be pretty convinced judging by his tweet.

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