Watchdogs: 60 Minutes Extra Gameplay For PS3 & PS4 Users

Once again, Ubisoft has banded together with Sony to unveil some exclusive Watchdogs content. Below is a new trailer which showcases all the extra content that only Ps3 and PS4 will be entitled to, including an extra 60 minutes worth of actual gameplay.

This 60 minutes will comprise of 4 extra missions. During play our chief character, Aiden Pearce, will encounter a notorious hacker group known as Dedsec. Dedsec want to usurp Umeni Technologies and they enlist the services of Aiden, who will attempt to disrupt and wreak chaos on the company. In addition to this 60 minutes worth of gameplay, players will also receive a new White Hat Hacker Outfit and a Hacking Boost.

Watchdogs is due May 27th on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and (maybe) Wii U.