Dead Space Free On Origin

The original Dead Space is FREE to download on PC directly from EA’s Origin server. It appears EA are desperate to get into the ‘free games’ market, as many who take advantage of Xbox’s Games With Gold and Sony’s PS Plus: Instant Game Collection already often reap the benefits of some fabulous free games.

Dead Space may not have been the biggest selling game but the horror franchise, as well as being critically praised, has built up a steady array of fans. The series even managed to extend it’s run to a whole trilogy before being supposedly canned by EA.

When asked why EA have decided to, all of a sudden, offer a game for free? – A EA spokesperson had this to say;

“We’re gamers, too, we appreciate you making Origin your gaming home… and besides, who doesn’t like free stuff?”

True enough. Eurogamer’s article also suggests that this may be a limited time offer and more free games are on the way. Anyone who download Dead Space now gets to keep the game forever.

Which EA games would you like to see appear on Origin for free?