Predator DLC Coming To Call Of Duty: Ghosts



In a recent video snippet on Instagram Infinity Ward teased a Predator and Call of Duty: Ghosts crossover. It appears that the Predator, the famous movie monster, will be included in Call of Duty’s upcoming Devastation DLC. Here’s a link to the video below.

Recent Aliens Vs Predator games haven’t exactly been up to scratch and many will hope that this incorporation into the Call of Duty franchise will do the movie monster justice, as this isn’t the first time Infinity Ward have delved into a movie/game crossover. The Call of Duty Onslaught DLC featured Michael Myers and whilst fun to play as the unrelenting villain, it didn’t quite add up as to why Myers was running around a forest killing soldiers. At least in context and setting terms the Predator makes sense.

Fans I’m sure will be curious as to whom Infinity Ward will select as the next Hollywood movie monster to feature in one of their upcoming DLC’s. Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead? If Infinity Ward stick with the alien theme perhaps we’ll see Killer Clowns From Outer Space.

The Call of Duty Devastion DLC is due on 3rd April for Xbox One and Xbox 360. PS3, PS4 and PC versions will follow in about a month’s time.

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