Catch Pokemon On Google Maps

pokemon mapApril Fools Day is here and the big companies want in on the laughter too. One elaborate prank that caught our eye was that the Google Map App for Android and iOS has a Poke-Ball symbol below it’s search engine. Clicking on the logo reveals the location of Pokemon across the globe, which you must frantically search for. In total there are 150 Pokemon to catch on the recently updated app.

To do so, all you have to do is boot up the google maps app, select search and a blue Poke-Ball symbol will appear. Select this and you’ll be transported to your nearest Pokemon. Click on the Pokemon and select ‘Catch.’ Whilst this is a fun joke, those of you who are a little unsure as to what is actually going on- don’t worry nobody actually expects you to travel to some remote location in France to actually see if a Pokemon dwells there.

Happy Hunting.