2 Free Xbox 360 Games With ‘Games With Gold’ For April 2014


It’s April and that means the Xbox 360 will have two games available to download for free via “Games With Gold.” These free games are exclusively available to all Xbox Live Gold Membership subscribers and this month sees Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight up for grabs.

hitman absolution

For the first half of the month you’ll be able to download Hitman: Absolution. Hitman is a long running stealth game where gamers play as Agent 47 who is subsequently lied to by the the very Agency who employs him. Agent 47 is sent to assassinate his former handler, Diana Burnwood. Upon completing the mission Agent 47 discovers the Agency has ulterior motives for the hit and he must uncover the truth by protecting Diana’s daughter, Victoria.

Hitman Absolution is definitely worth a play.

deadlight 1

Deadlight will also be available for FREE, for the latter half of April. Deadlight is a sidescrolling arcade survival horror game. With a multitude of puzzles to solve, players must evade the ‘Shadows’ or if you prefer ‘zombies’. Whilst shotguns and revolvers are available it is advised that players avoid confrontation whenever possible as ammo is scarce.

Deadlight is a fantastic little stylistic arcade game and is a great addition to the ‘Games With Gold’ collection.

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