Buried E.T. Video Game To Be Dug Up From Landfill

et landfillFor those too young to know, Atari famously, or perhaps infamously, released the movie licensed E.T videogame. Needless to say, the game flopped, catastrophically in fact. Millions of unsold copies were taken to a landfill and dumped. There they have remained buried for around 30 years. E.T the videogame soon became an Urban Legend.

Back then, games consoles were struggling to really take flight and, along with the great games crash of 1983, E.T. was the final nail in the coffin.The game’s failure effectively saw the demise of the once loved Atari 2600.

Even though the E.T game is considered one of the worst games ever made, someone out there wants to dig them all up. Fuel Entertainment are that someone. Along with Xbox Entertainment Studios and LightBox Entertainment, Fuel Entertainment hopes to find the old dump site so it can feature in a documentary based on the rise and fall of Atari. The New Mexico Environment Department have given documentary makers, Fuel Entertainment, approval to locate the landfill site but excavation cannot start without prior consent.

The documentary can be found exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox 360 sometime later in the year and will directed by X-Men 2 writer, Zak Penn.

Below is a speed run video of E.T the game. If anyone can explain to me what is going on I would be grateful.