New Elder Scrolls Online Trailer Is Better Than The Last One

elder scrolls 101If, like me, you were blown away by the first cinematic trailer for Elder Scrolls Online that was unveiled early this year – then you will not be able to contain your excitement when you see the new launch trailer.

Putting the debate aside as to whether online subscriptions are worth the money or not, with over 5 million people who originally registered for the online beta, there is no denying Elder Scrolls Online will be one of the biggest games of the year.

The new cinematic launch trailer is a testament to the game’s broad appeal, as Skyrim seemed to bridge the gap between geeky gamer and the casual gamer. Maybe it was the presentation of the trailers themselves that struck a cord with all gamers alike and this trailer is no different. So check it out below.

Elder Scrolls Online is currently out on PC and will hit Xbox One and PS4 sometime in June. There subscription fee to play Elder Scrolls is £8.99 a month.

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