Bruce Lee Is A Playable Character In The New UFC

If you pre-order EA’s upcoming UFC game for either Xbox One or PS4 you can get the kung fu legend Bruce Lee as a downloadable playable character.

bruce lee ufc

Creative Director Brian Hayes explained the reasoning for including the famous film icon;

Bruce Lee – a martial artist renowned for his philosophies that laid the groundwork for modern mixed martial arts.

I can’t conceive of a universe where bringing these two things together doesn’t make sense. I know there are going to be countless fans that feel the exact same way and they will be eager play with such a legend in the UFC Octagon. I am one of them.

Working together with Bruce Lee Enterprises, EA were able to acquire a life cast model of the man himself and used that to create a realistic 3D model of Bruce Lee within the game. EA even took the time to mirror all of Bruce Lee’s stances and attacks enabling them to re-create a character that was incredibly life-like.

Seeing Bruce Lee walkout and enter the Octagon to fight in the UFC for the first time is a surreal and truly sensational experience”

“This does not just look like Bruce Lee. It is Bruce Lee. The way he carries himself, his fighting stance, his rippling physique, devastating speed, signature strikes and accompanying yells, whoops and shrieks.

UFC is out on the 17th of June.

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