New Wolfenstein Trailer – Nazi Referee Shoots Footballer In The Head

wolfenstein 1The new Wolfenstein trailer takes few prisoners so if you have a sensitive disposition you may not want to watch. Wolfenstein: The New Order is set in an alternative reality were the Nazi’s have won and their reach can be felt in all areas of society, including football.

Bethedsa rather cleverly have incorporated the upcoming Football World Cup, set in Brazil, into their latest trailer. Although Bethedsa’s World Cup is set in the 1950’s (based on the actual World Cup that happened in Brazil during that time) you can clearly see the correlation between the two time frames. The market is a clever ploy to say the least. When watch the trailer, you’ll see that during the match a footballer is fouled by the opposing team, when the referee decides to brandish a red card. Pretty normal stuff, however, the player’s punishment is not yet over as hidden behind the referee’s back is a pistol, to which he administers his final verdict. The player is consequently shot in the head for his misdemeanour.

Like most, my attention was certainly grabbed and we are soon thrust into the rest of the trailer, which subsequently features gameplay and further reaffirms the tone of the game with scenes of war and torture.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a game that has been perhaps overlooked in the recent next gen surge, but this trailer can’t help but turn a few heads.

Wolfenstein: The New Order will be available across current and next gen consoles on the 20 of May 2014.