Ultimate Gay Fighter Forced To Change Its Name After Legal Threat

Ultimate Gay Fighter 2After the Last of Us: Left Behind DLC was released, sparks flew and questions were raised as to whether the gaming public were ready for a playable gay protagonist. Whilst I certainly don’t believe that Ultimate Gay Fighter WILL be the game to bridge that gap in our lack of understanding, it certainly isn’t afraid of wearing its heart on its sleeve.

Deliberately and overtly camp in every way Ultimate Gay Fighter (UGF) is a Android/iOS brawler whose playable characters range from a drag queen, an Asian Twink and a gold chain wearing African-American rapper. Every character has a finishing move aptly referred to as a ‘gaytality.’

The game itself has somewhat divided the LGBT community, some see it as a jovial bit of fun others believe that the game demeans the gay community by having only cliched stereotype as playable characters. PolicyMic felt the game was offensive “Ultimate Gay Fighter sounds like a bad joke you might hear in the ever tolerant and accepting environment of a men’s locker room.

However, some perceive the game to be a champion of gay rights as each fighter is pitched against a homophobe. Huffpost were quoted saying “UGF is a brilliant subversion of the traditionally masculine world of fighting video games.” Maybe UGF is deliberately making fun of gay stereotypes in an attempt to highlight people’s stupidity.  Whatever your stance on the UGF’s intentions there is certainly someone out there who who doesn’t like the name.

Ultimate Gay Fighter 1A unnamed mixed martial arts brand has threatened a lawsuit unless Ultimate Gay Fighter changes its name. The reason being is that their brand is ‘under threat.’ The developer of UGF Handsome Woman Productions had this to say on the matter “We offered them solutions, but this company remains firm in believing our Ultimate Gay Fighter brand threatens their brand, despite vast differences in our customer base and product.”

So far this potential lawsuit has delayed UGF for several months now and no release date is in sight.

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