Borderlands Pre-sequel Coming This Autumn

Borderlands fans rejoice. We are getting a new Borderlands game and it’s a pre-sequel? Yes oddly enough this new installment is set between the events of the first Borderlands and the second – hence the term pre-sequel.


Borderlands: The Pre-sequel is heading to PS3, 360 and PC with no mention of a PS Vita or next gen release. Spearheaded by 2k Australia, along with Gearbox as co-developer, the latest in the series will be set on the moon of Pandora and we can expect to have a few gravity-bending shoot-outs. Interestingly the game will follow Handsome Jack’s (from Borderlands 2) rise to power, in fact players will be part of a squad under Jack’s leadership.

There will also be 4 new character classes Nisha – The Lawbringer, Athena – The Gladiator, Wilhelm – The Enforcer (also from Borderlands 2) and ClapTrap – The Flagtrap. Expect to see even more weapons and a whole array of fresh abilities. Shoot and loot has never looked so awesome.

2K president Christoph Hartmann had this to say;

Borderlands is one of 2K’s premiere franchises, and Borderlands 2 is the highest-selling title in the history of our company.”.

“Fans are clamouring for an all-new, triple-A Borderlands experience, and we will deliver just that with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.”

2k’s Tony Lawrence had this to add;

Fans will see for themselves at PAX East that there’s nothing quite like moon jumping in a low-gravity gunfight, completely freezing a moon bandit with one of the new Cryo weapons, and then shattering him into little pieces that float off into space. It’s pretty epic.”

With Gearbox effectively taking a back seat it certainly begs the question as to whether they are working on a Borderlands project themselves that could potentially be set for next gen only as that seems to be the done thing these days. Warner Bros Montreal worked on Batman Arkham Origins whilst Rocksteady were (perhaps not so secretly) working on the upcoming Arkham Knight.