Infamous: Second Son Sells One Million Copies In 9 Days

inFAMOUS-Second-Son-Gamescom-1Whilst it has been suggested that the PS4 is perhaps lacking big triple A titles one that hopes to quell those beliefs is Infamous: Second Son. While critically acclaimed, Sony can now gleefully boast sales of over 1 million units (both physical & digital) within it’s first 9 days of release.

Infamous: Second Son continues to go from strength to strength. Originally debuting at number 1 in the UK charts Infamous has enjoyed several weeks in the UK top ten chart and is the second PS4 exclusive to achieve 1 million sales, the other being Killzone: Shadow Fall. Not to take away from Killzone’s success, but it was largely due to the game being bundled with the PS4 at launch. Infamous has achieved this feat pretty much on it’s own. Even during its release there was a shortage of PS4’s up and down the country making this milestone that little bit extra special for Sony.

With Sucker Punch’s title enjoying such success, the Infamous franchise is surely cemented for the foreseeable future.