Lego The Movie Videogame: Guide – All 20 Red Bricks

lego movieHello and welcome to Twinstickgaming. Today we have another guide for you. This one covers the locations of all the hidden Red Bricks in the Lego Movie Videogame and how to unlock them. If this is your first time playing a Lego game, Red Bricks are the most useful find as they help you reveal other hidden objects within the game.

In the case of Lego Movie the Videogame they will help you find all 15 collectible pants, all 75 golden instruction manuals and if you add the X2/X4/X6 multipliers you’ll also find achieving the 100% Special for each level that much easier. Collecting the Red Bricks will also go a long way to unlocking that Platinum Trophy/1000 Gamerscore Achievement many of you crave.

Don’t forget to check out our Lego Movie The Videogame Review and we also have other gaming guides available on the site that deal with many hidden collectibles.

Below we have each several individual videos that cover all 20 Red Bricks and an additional video at the very bottom of the article that has all 20 Red Brick Collectibles in order. Every video will show you which characters to use and where the Red Bricks can be found. Good luck everyone.

Red Brick 1 – Studs x2

Red Brick 2 – Studs x4

Red Brick 3 – Studs x6

Red Brick 4 – Studs x8

Red Brick 5 – Studs x10

Red Brick 6 – Fast Repair (coming soon)
Red Brick 7 – Fast Drill

Red Brick 8 – Fast Build

Red Brick 9 – Fast Boomerangs

Red Brick 10 – Fast Secret Knock

Red Brick 11 – Fast Hack

Red Brick 12 – Gold Instruction Page Detector

Red Brick 13 – Red Brick Detector

Red Brick 14 – Pants Detector

Red Brick 15 – Character Studs Detector

Red Brick 16 – Collect Guide Studs

Red Brick 17 – Attract Studs

Red Brick 18 – Extra Hearts

Red Brick 19 – Regenerate Hearts

Red Brick 20 – Invincibility


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