The Last Guardian Release Date Coming ‘Soon’

last guardianThe older I have become, the more patient I usually find myself. When I was younger, I would sometimes lose sleep when I became stupidly excited about the next big release. Now I pick and choose my moments. There are probably only a handful of games that would get me to camp outside a shop, hoping to be the first one served. Other games I’m happy to wait for in the hope that I will be pleasantly surprised when I finally manage to get around to it.

The Last Guardian is perhaps the only game to build up my excitement – yet continually scald me for doing so. The first trailer for Last Guardian appeared 4 years ago at E3. Expectantly – patiently – I wait for news of its release, every time it seems like we’re building toward an announcement- everything suddenly goes quiet and we are lucky if we hear anything. Spokesmen for Team Ico (the developers) often refuse to comment or say it is in ‘development.’ Still we wait.

However, Sony have finally hinted that a release date could be announced soon. Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu recently quizzed Sony as to whether the game would ever see the light of day. Their answer was that if development was to continue as planned then new information and a release date could be on it’s way ‘soon.’ All of the delays have added fuel to the fire as to whether Last Guardian is being developed for PS3, like it was originally, or whether the studio has changed tact and opted for the PS4. Either way I expect the game to be stunning just like all Team Ico games.

Whilst Last Guardian is slipping into similar territory of the ‘will they…..won’t they’ Half Life 3, this information will be welcomed by fans who will, like me, feel neglected. With a host of gaming events, including E3, planned throughout the summer, we can only hope that Last Guardian will finally take centre stage.