Epic Games’ Fortnite – Moves On From Gears Of War

fortniteWhen Epic Games handed over the multi-million selling franchise Gears of Wars, to Microsoft, the world was a gasp. With studios desperately clinging on to cash-cow franchises in a gaming climate which can sporadically change at a moments notice, why would Epic give up the much loved Gears series.

Simple. They want to create new and original games. To not having their creativity being bogged down by one franchise. After the rather poor showing of Gears of War: Judgment, designed instead by People Can Fly, the timing perhaps couldn’t be better.

Recent footage has surfaced on GameInformer’s website about Epic Games’ upcoming title Fortnite. The game has several aspects to it that are comparable with other titles, but could this amalgamation work in their favour. Epic do have experience on their side and whilst many studios have stolen ideas from other studios, their shortcomings are quick to be pointed out. Fortnite appears to be very different.

Still a third person shooter like Gears of War, Epic have opted for an art style that could be likened to Borderlands or Team Fortress. The colourful, comic style really stands out and you can even see the numbers, which represent the amount of damage taken by an enemy that look exactly like Borderlands.

Gears of War 3, in horde mode, allowed players to accumulate credits to spend on fortifications. Epic have taken this to the next level and are allowing players to custom build their fortresses, presumably as they go along. How this mechanic fully works is unknown but the possibilities appear endless. This is similar to Timesplitters, an old but fantastic FPS, where players could design their own maps and missions. Although the publisher is adamant the building process will be incredibly accessible and not as in-depth as Minecraft.

Fortnite appears to be creative yet destructive, fast paced yet methodical; all in all it just looks like good fun with the potential to feel like a relatively original game. Twinstickgaming will be keeping their eyes on this one.