The Last of Us PS4 release date – this Summer… Or Winter?

Those Naughty Dogs are at it again.

Mere days after the official confirmation of a PS4 version of critically acclaimed The Last of Us, news broke of a potential release window.

A very brief trailer showing how much already loves the game, accompanied by a snippet of the remastered version, was ended with “The Last of Us, PS4, Summer.” (Watch the trailer below)

Most felt this gave a clear indication the game would be coming to us during the Summer schedule! Makes perfect sense! That is, of course, until Neil Druckmann (The Last of Us creative director) took to twitter today and announced that:

Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 18.17.37“Winter … is coming #PS4 #remastered”. There isn’t actually a mention of The Last of Us in the tweet, however, the picture of “Winter” is a screen grab from the game and the PS4 version is actually called “The Last of Us Remastered”, so it isn’t much of a leap to assume the tweet and game are linked!

Except Naughty Dog just love to toy with us- and quite enjoy the use of twitter when doing so!

Numerous rumours circulated the web last year when people associated with the game started tweeting using the hashtag #outbreakday. Most assuming that this was some sort of announcement about the first DLC pack. Many websites told us to expect an official announcement any moment, others claimed Neil Druckmann had ‘confirmed’ the first DLC was a single player story set during the first day of the outbreak- neither of which proved to be true.

Actually, the tweets simply related to the fact that in game outbreak date was about to occur in real life.

So “Winter… Is coming #PS4 #remastered” COULD refer to The Last of Us and a Winter release date for the PS4. It could also refer to something entirely different. Another of Naughty Dog’s back catalogue getting a remastering treatment? (Uncharted anyone?).

Similarly, “Winter” itself could simply be a reference to the fact that there is a whole other hemisphere of planet that also buy games! While we in the UK or USA may be donning our shorts and t-shirts for the summer sun, Australians and their Southern Hemisphere cousins will be experiencing Winter. So it’s perfectly plausible that the PS4 version could have a simultaneous release during Summer and Winter.

Twinstick Gaming has reached out to Neil Druckmann directly for comment on this, however, due to different time zones, he is likely still asleep!

When we get more news, we’ll be sure to share it here!

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