Disney And Marvel Unite For Infinity


Once Disney had acquired the Marvel brand it was only going to be a matter of time before the two universes crossed paths. Well true believers, with the recent teaser trailer popping up last week, it would seem that the superheroes of Marvel will be invading the Disney Infinity game franchise.

The teaser trailer below shows Captain America’s iconic shield bouncing around the various characters and environments that make up Disney Infinity.

At the end of the trailer, in the top right corner, the numbers 2.0 appear. Does this mean that the Marvel crossover will be a unannounced sequel to Disney Infinity or simply that adding Marvel characters to the standard title will change the game significantly. It’s all speculation at the moment as the only other source of information comes from the guys over at Polygon. They recently received an invitation to a ‘media event’ featuring Disney Infinity. This invitation was delivered with a Disney Infinity branded shield.

We’ll have more information and details on which heroes will feature in the near future. Feel free to leave comments. Which Marvel Superhero or Villain will you most want to see? Who do you expect to see?

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