New Hong Kong Massacre Trailer Will Change Your Desire From Want To Need


Hong Kong massacre a game that, so far, has had little in the way of marketing has caused quite a stir in the indie crowd. The Hotline Miami inspired top-down shooter came out of nowhere a few moths ago with some incredibly violent and bloody gifs.

What this hand full of gifs showed, was a few seconds of epic slow-mo carnage. It was hard to get anything more from them than a sense of a Hotline Miami style gameplay. You can see the gifs here.

VreskiGames (the mastermind behind Hong Kong Massacre) originally had a handful of followers on twitter. Within a matter of weeks his following exploded, going from 30 to nearly 1000. This is a clear indication of something the public wants to see more of.

With the release of a new, higher quality video trailer we can see a little more of what’s on offer.

Duel pistols and slow motion are two of gaming’s oldest and most beloved mechanics. The levels look open and feature multiple pathways, hopefully allowing for some tactical elements to go along with the John Woo gunplay.


Graphically, the game focuses on bloody take downs and environments exploding at the hint of a fire fight. Office filing cabinets, desks and walls all shatter and empty themselves as bodies and bullets fly.

If your a fan of Hotline Miami and John Woo films then this is the game for you. Until we can see a little more of the game we’ll not board the hype train just yet, although we do have a ticket.

VreskiGames are aiming for a Q4 release window

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