Outlast DLC: Whistleblower Due May 7th

outlast whistleblowerFor those who are still getting over the terror of playing Outlast, well guess what? You can go through hell once more.

Already touted as the scariest game of the year, Outlast is inevitably getting some DLC and it’s due May 7th in the UK for both PC and PS4. The DLC, entitled Whistleblower, is an unusual prequel to the main game as this time players are in control of Waylon Park, the man who tips off the first games hero about the scary going-ins on of Mount Massive Asylum. What’s unusual about this prequel is that even though many of the events are set before the first Outlast, the game will skip back and forth in time, showing glimpses of the final events in Mount Massive Asylum that happen after the original game.

For those who have yet to play Outlast I suggest you do. This game was terrifying the first time round and you can be certain mainly will be hungry for more when Whilstleblower hits the PSN and Steam stores. Check out our full review of Outlast here.

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