Top 10 Next Gen Easter Eggs

easter eggsAs Easter is upon us we at Twinstickgaming thought it may be time to look at the best Easter Eggs that are currently out there. For those who don’t know what an Easter Egg is, it is a small hidden item, reference or activity within the game that players hope to find. Sometimes they can break the fourth wall as they will reference something from either culture, other games or movies etc.

Now even though there aren’t a vast amount of games out their for both the Xbox One and PS4 we were still able to pull out some pretty damn good ones. Now in no particular order – let us know your favourite.

1) Ryse: Son Of Rome – Ghost Legion/Army of the Dead

When Marius storms the shores of Britain, instead of fighting everybody and making your way further inland search for three  piles of skulls on the shore. Once you interact with all of them it appears nothing has happened however, when the game cuts to a video sequence that involves a catapult hitting your ship instead of marching onward look behind you and you’ll see the Army of the Dead from Lord of the Rings charging on your behalf. Here’s the video from the amazing Rooster Teeth.

There is also another great Ryse easter egg that involves the Lady of the Lake that you can find in Chapter 4. Wait by a crashed boat in the water to see the Lady of the Lake appear.

2) Infamous: Second Son – Master Sword

Infamous has so many Easter Eggs you could write a separate article. Amongst all the references to Sly Cooper and the nods to Cole from Infamous 1 & 2 we decided this one was the best. In Eugene’s room you can see on the floor is the Master Sword from the Zelda series. Whilst Sucker Punch chose to plant several Sony based Easter Eggs across the map it is great to see rival companies appreciating each others work.

infamous master sword

3) Deadrising 3 – Break Bad Easter Egg

Deadrising 3 has several Easter Eggs but the reference everyone thinks they have found is from Breaking Bad. For those who haven’t seen it I won’t spoil too much but there is a seen in the story were Walter White buy’s an enormous pizza. In an argument with his wife Walter grabs the pizza and throws it on the roof of his house. In Deadrising 3 you need to eat food to replenish health. Fortunately on one of the roof’s in the Sunset District is the discarded pizza. Here’s a video from AussieGamerChick which if you keep watching you’ll see another potential Easter Egg that involves perhaps seeing a ghost. This could be a glitch but if you look at the video, clear as day there appears to be a ghost. Or maybe this game is just haunted.

4) Assassin’s Creed Black Flag – Giant Squid and Shark Fight

Out there be sea monsters captain! Yes Assassin’s Creed Black Flag is littered with strange and wondrous creatures but if you swim down to a certain ship within the game and peak out of the window you’ll see something very interesting. A shark is attacked by a giant squid. Here’s ACvideos guide on how to unlock that.

5) Titanfall – Loch Ness Monster

EA seem to be poking a little bit of fun at themselves. When Battlefield 4 came out there was a lot of talk about dinosaurs featuring in the game. Titanfall effectively have included them by having various teeny tiny Loch Ness Monsters hidden throughout several maps. In this video by AH Community, you’ll see two of them – plus a nice little Minecraft Easter Egg.

6) Contrast – Back To The Future

As the video will show there are a ton of carefully placed Easter Eggs all over the various levels of Contrast. This art deco puzzle arcade game pays homage to Dr Who, Terminator and Star Wars but my person favourite has to be Back to the Future, when you come across the replica model of Hill Valley. Check out Geek Remix‘s video (The Back To The Future reference is about 29 seconds in)


7) Call Of Duty: Ghosts – Snowmen (Onslaught DLC)

If you play Call of Duty online, like many of us do, all you’ll need to do is purchase the Onslaught DLC map pack. Then you’ll need to select the specific map ‘Nightfall.’ Here you’ll be fighting aliens but if you shoot the ‘4 sparking canisters’ in order with the Maverick assault rifle the word ‘Zap‘ will appear. Once this happens every alien you kill will explode into a snowman. This video from MrDalekJD shows you how to unlock this Easter Egg.

8) Battlefield – Megalodon

If you have the Naval Strike DLC for Battlefield 4 select the Nansha Strike map. If you and 9 other friends head out to the buoy near base ‘C’ and wait – consider yourself bait. A giant megalodon shark will smash through the surface of the water destroying all in it’s path. Check out JackFrags video.


9) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – FoxDie

This one is for proper fans of the Metal Gear series. When you unlock the classic Snake outfit from the original Metal Gear Solid, select it and replay the Deja Vu Mission. If you head back to where Chico and Paz were locked up, you’ll see they have been replaced by the DARPA Chief and the president of ARMS-Tech. Deja Vu anyone? If you try to rescue them from the Foxdie disease, sadly both die. However, the Foxdie disease seems to attack you, the video goes all psychedelic and apparently the FoxEngine has counteracted the effects of the Foxdie disease. Hurray for us. Video from IGN.

10) Outlast – Evil Dead 2

When in the courtyard if you head to the shack with the key in it, turn on your night vision and you’ll she a chalk outline of Ash’s chainsaw from Evil Dead 2.

outlast evil dead easter egg

There you have it. These are the best Easter Eggs on offer for next gen consoles. Do you agree with them or have you found something better? Which is your favourite Easter Egg? Share your thoughts with us on Twinstickgaming.