Borderlands Pre-Sequel: Characters and Classes

When the new Borderlands Pre-Sequel was announced we were told everything would be just about new and 2K Australia weren’t exactly kidding.

Once the game was unveiled for 360, PS3 and PC we were told we would have 4 brand new playable characters. Athena, Nisha, Wilhelm and ClapTrap have all appeared in previous Borderlands games but only as non-playable characters. This article will give you a quick break down of each character and their abilities. We look to update this article once more information is available throughout the year.


borderlands athena

Athena is the one character we know a fair bit about. In the unveiling of the Pre-sequel, 2k Australia were quick to show off their latest character.

Borderlands enthusiasts may remember Athena from the DLC pack, The Secret Armoury of General Knoxx. Athena sided with the vault hunters to help take down General Knoxx.

In the Borderlands Pre-Sequel Athena is effectively the ‘Tank.’ She’ll absorb damage all day on behalf of the team via her Kinect Apsis shield, which she generates through her arm. When her shields fail her, she is also equipped enough to deal out some damage and can toss her shield like Captain America inflicting damage to nearby enemies.

So far we know of 3 skill trees available to Athena – Phalanx, Ceraunic Storm and Xiphos. To date, only Phalanx has any major details.



When the Apsis is active, you and your allies will take reduced damage and heal over time


Melee attacks will cause an explosive knock back.

Hold the Line

Extends the length the Aspis shield can be held

Prismatic Aegis

Aspis Shield absorbs elemental damages types and dishes them out when the shield is thrown.


If you friend is downed you can throw the Aspis to effectively boost your fallen comrade, as they will gain addition damage bonus while in ‘Fight for your life’ mode.

Prepare for glory

Taunt enemies into attacking you and gain stackable perks such as weapon damage for a short duration.


Absorb damage from your friends gun.

United Front

Bolsters your maximum shield capacity and provides power to your teammates shields.


Increases movement speed and fire rate.


Increases the Defensive Arc on the Aspis.

Wrath of the Goddess

When active the Aspis will bounces off up to 4 enemies before returning to you. All hail Captain America.


(Details Coming Soon)


(Details Coming Soon)


Nisha BorderlandsNisha first appeared in Borderlands 2 as the Sheriff of Lynchwood and originally was in a relationship with the villain Handsome Jack. Although not confirmed we expect to see glimpse in the new Pre-Sequel as to how the two met, as this new squad of playable characters are under the command of Handsome Jack.

So far none of Nisha abilities have been confirmed but gamers may expect to see some duel wielding perks.


wilhelm borderlandsThose who played Borderlands 2 will remember the imposing character Wilhelm. Half Man – Half Machine although he felt all machine when he tried to obliterate you in the mission ‘End of the Line.’

In the Pre-Sequel Wilhelm will be more man than machine and players will get to see how this badass eventually becomes the monster. Even Wilhelm’s skill tree and abilities suggest that the transformation is inevitable, as upgrading this character adds more robotic parts to his body.

I can see this character being very popular with gamers who want to explore the vast arsenal potentially on display.


claptrap borderlandsYes, fan favourite ClapTrap will finally be a playable character and so far we know nothing about his abilities. I imagine this will be the final character reveal from 2K Australia as they’ll want to build the hype up around this much loved character.

ClapTrap is one of the few characters to appear all the way through the Borderlands series. Often a guide or a go to guy ClapTrap is no stranger to trouble. In the DLC pack, ClapTrap’s Robot Revoltuion, ClapTrap inspires the other CL4P-TP units to rebel against their human oppressors. After the rebellion Handsome Jack ordered that all CL4P-TPunits be demolished. Clap effectively escapes.

It will be interesting to see how 2K will turn this small, cowardly, yet jesterly character into a weapon of destruction.