InFamous: Second Son – How To Use Photo Mode

InFamous: Second Son - How To Use Photo Mode

Those of you who are playing InFamous Second Son may have already heard about the amazing photo mode hidden away in the game. If, however, you have not – then read on and prepare to be amazed! This guide will show you how to use the stunning ‘photo mode.’

As the proud owner of a PS4, you have no doubt marveled at the stunning graphics on display, none more stunning than Sucker Punch’s ‘InFamous Second Son’ – you may have seen some of the stunning, in game images that have been emerging on the internet and thought ‘wow, those look amazing – why do my screen shots look so shabby?’

InFamous: Second Son - How To Use Photo Mode
Without using Photo Mode (above): pictures look good – but lack that stylistic star quality!

Well, that’s because those stunning shots are created (yes, in game) using the ‘Photo Mode’ which is squirreled away in the menu system.

Once you have completed the game once (either good or bad karma), you can hit the options button to open up the menu. Next hit triangle to open up the save and options screen, scroll down until you see ‘photo mode’ – this is disabled by default – and enable it!

Now when you return to the game, you can hit L3 at any moment and the action will freeze. From here, you can pan, zoom, rotate and even move the camera around to get the perfect shot. You can then tweak the colour pallet, hide the HUD and then share your photo by hitting the DualShock 4 ‘share’ button as usual!

Even our meager efforts look stunning in comparison to the regular ‘screen grab’ look you can produce without using the photo mode.

It still takes some skill as you have to be able to capture just the right in-game moment (you can’t slow-reverse the action or anything, it’s just a 3D ‘still’ you’re working with) and then have to play with angles yourself. But there are some amazing sights to be achieved for those who are prepared to take a little time and effort!

Watch our guide for some tips to take top photos!

We’ll be building an our own InFamous Second Son Gallery over the coming weeks – and YOU can contribute from today! All you need to do is when sharing an image through twitter include @twinstickgaming in your tweet and you will be instantly considered for the gallery! Your image will be displayed under your twitter username unless you add your real name or PSN screen name – the choice is yours!

Get snapping and tweeting! Twinstick Gaming’s Infamous Second Son gallery coming soon!

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