SHAREfactory Coming To PS4 In Next Firmware Update

ps4 share buttonThe next scheduled PS4 update will arrive in Europe on the 30th of April. Included is a new and exciting feature for those who have enjoyed sharing all their videos with friends. SHAREfactory is a simple but effective video editing software that enables users to combine clips, add effects, commentary, text, stickers and custom audio.

So far you can only upload these videos to Facebook, but finally users will be able to transfer the footage to a USB stick. This will allow anyone to transfer the footage to other video editing software should they wish but more importantly, although not an ideal method, we now have the option to upload to Youtube. Let the sharing commence.

Also coming to PS4’s 1.70 update is the option to pre-purchase games via PSN. The PS3 has enjoyed pre-purchase on it’s digital titles and now the PS4 is able to revel in such things, as users can decided to have their downloads automatically trigger as soon as the title they want is available.

Sony have also removed the HDCP block for capturing footage directly through HDMI.

More details of the 1.70 update are on the way, but for now check out the trailer for SHAREfactory.

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