Tales From The Borderlands Will Be Nothing Like The Walking Dead

tales from the borderlandsTelltale have shed some more light on their upcoming Tales From The Borderlands, an episodic interpretation of the original Borderlands series. Telltale are adamant that the game will be very different to previous Telltale games such as ‘The Walking Dead‘ and ‘Wolf Among Us.’ Whilst every developer likes to make out that their latest game is drastically different to anything they’ve worked on in the past, here is a little of what we can expect.

The story will focus around the two different perspectives of both Fiona, a con-artist, and Rhys, a Hyperion worker. Originally there were to be 5 playable characters but Telltale decided to cut the list down to just two. Each person’s story will shift from one perspective to the other at pre-determined moments. Rhys and Fiona are conveying their story to a mysterious stranger at a crash site and the events that lead up to this moment will make up much of the games story arc.

In a world were money and the weapons to back it up are the main commodity, Telltale right from the get go will force players to make quick decisions largely based on money. OXM were shown a scene were a man laid violent ill next to a brief case. Players must quickly decide to help the man or take the money, baring in mind you will need money at some point – after all Pandora has proven to be a violent place. Similar to the Walking Dead series, your lack of ruthlessness might just come back to haunt you as certain scenarios in the Tales From The Borderlands game will require you to have a severe amount of money.

Although this will mainly be a Telltale game, the developer is eager to remain true to the games origins and pay homage to Gearbox. Shooter elements will be somewhere in the middle of what Telltale and Gearbox do, keeping Borderlands fans happy whilst remaining fresh. Also, even though full details aren’t confirmed, when you play Tales From The Borderlands unlockable items and the like will become available in Gearbox’s Borderlands 2.

Finally we have some insights on some of the supporting characters, Handsome Jack appears to be the manipulative antagonist of the piece and we can once again expect to buy weaponry of Marcus, if the trailer is anything to go by. There is Bossanova, the bandit lord who has a grudge against Zero from Borderlands 2. Sasha is incredibly powerful and is apparently Fiona’s latest mark. Vaughn is a cowardly Hyperion accountant but has a connection with Rhys. Felix is a counterfeiter who tries to act as a father figure to Fiona.

Tales From The Borderlands is due sometime in 2014.

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