Walking Dead Coming To PS4 & Xbox One (Updated)

walking dead GOTY

Gamestop originally listed The Walking Dead Game of the Year edition, by Telltale games, as available to pre-order for the PS4 only. Since this article was originally published it is believed that The Walking Dead game will also be available for Xbox One come June. Telltale Games have yet to confirm this.

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The US online store Gamestop has listed the Walking Dead: Game of the Year edition available to pre-order for the PS4. According to Gamestop the game is set to hit shelves in North America on the 17th of June.

This release date falls on a Tuesday, which suggests a worldwide release date. The date also coincides with a North American Playstation Store update and we Europeans will hope that, if the trend continues, our store will be updated the following day.

The Game of the Year edition will include all 5 episodes of Telltales mini saga as well as the bonus episode 400 Days. Currently Gamestop have the Walking Dead GOTY priced at $29.99 and so far no Xbox One listing has appeared.

Telltale have yet to confirm the release but with this leaked information we can expect a response pretty soon.

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