First Image Of The New Call Of Duty Game 2014

Sledgehammer teased the first image of the upcoming (as of yet unnamed) Call of Duty game, expected sometime this Christmas. The image comes from a Games Developers Conference that happened last month but all who attended were sworn to secrecy and couldn’t leak any footage or information on the latest instalment. Michael Condrey of Sledgehammer stated at the conference;

We can’t talk at all about Call of Duty for this year……Activision said you can’t show anything from Call of Duty this year, and you certainly can’t show in-game rendered characters from this year’s game.

call of duty

That honour was to be conducted by Sledgehammer themselves and you can see why. The image looks incredibly realistic and is a major step up (graphically) on previous Call of Duty games. Condrey added that the clip was taken from the game itself and featured “actual in-game characters.”

Call of Duty certainly looks like it is catering for the next gen masses with this years instalment and Activision have slightly changed tact in their development process too. You can still expect to see Call of Duty hit shelves every Christmas but this time three developers will take on the franchise in a three year rotation. Sledgehammer will join Infinity Ward and Treyarch as annual developers, meaning that each Call of Duty title will take three years to develop rather than two.

This hopefully can only mean good news for the franchise as many have criticised Call of Duty for regurgitating the same game over and over, effectively using the same gaming engine with minor tweaks. Whether we see any major differences between the developers artistic and gameplay styles remains to be seen, but Activision appear to be answering critics and ensuring that this isn’t just the same old Call of Duty.