The Order 1886: Weapons & Gadgets

The Order 1886 is part historical and part fiction. The games story arc is based on real locations and historical events but the story of The Order of Knights is completely fictional. The timeline is based more on a what if….? In this case, what if the world was under threat by monstrous half breed creatures and a secret society (The Order) was sworn to defend the people? What if this war sparked the industrial revolution and created further technological advancements not quite associated with the time?

While the developer Ready at Dawn are attempting to keep within the realms of believability, they couldn’t quite help themselves. The weaponry, although reminiscent of the time, has been somewhat modified. We take a look at the exciting weapons and gadgets that will be available to the Knights of the Order.



The combo gun is the standard weapon issued by the Order. This rifle has two firing modes. One is a standard rifle shot, used to shoot targets from distance. The other barrel consists of a concussive blast, which can be used to stun enemies.

the order combo gun
Combo Gun


This looks like something Nickola Tesla concocted one evening. The Arc Gun is capable of shooting out a wild zap of electricity at target far and near. By the looks of it the longer the Arc is charged the more damage it can do.

the order arc gun
Arc Gun


This weapon is a nasty but useful one. If you are dealing with a larger crowd or an enemy behind cover, the Thermite Gun fire aluminium iron oxide into the air, which breaks open and descends into a cloud of glittering metal. Once a flare is added to the equation the cloud will transform into a choking burning metal forcing enemies from cover as they try to flee the smoke.

Thermite Gun
Thermite Gun


What game isn’t complete without explosives? The Fragmentation Grenades look similar to the Potato Masher used by the Germans in World War 1. However, this has some additional perks. Players can utilise the hook attached to the grenade by slamming it into a wall and using it as a proximity mine. The future certainly has come early.

the order frag grenades
Fragmentation Grenade


Could this be the first mobile phone? Yes Ready at Dawn want your team to be in constant contact with each other and hence the Communicator is born. Whether players will be able to use this at anytime or whether they’ll be promoted in story mode is unknown, but it is handy for The Order nonetheless.

the order communicator
The Communicator

We are still awaiting more announcements from Ready at Dawn in terms of weaponry, characters and gameplay. At Twinstickgaming we intend to keep you up-to-date with any further developments. The Order: 1886 is exclusive to PS4 and is out sometime later this year.

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