Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes Announced – Avengers Confirmed

We knew it was coming. Once Disney Infinity exploded on to the scene the rumour mill sprung into life. Will we see Marvel Superheroes alongside iconic Disney characters? Will there be a Star Wars playset? A video snippet of Captain America’s shield bouncing through the Disney world all but confirmed our suspicions, all we now needed was confirmation from Disney themselves. Oh boy and how we got it. Check out the pic below, they look so awesome.

disney infinity marvel 1

Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes 2.0 Edition will launch this fall and will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, 3DS, PC and for the first time PS4 and Xbox One. But enough about that, we want to see the toys themselves. Which heroes and villains can I play as? TELL ME NOW!

So far only a handful of heroes and villains have been revealed and, unsurprisingly, Disney have started with the Avengers. Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, Ironman, Thor and Black Widow take centre stage at the unveiling in Los Angeles. The starter pack itself will feature Thor, Black Widow and Ironman. They’ll be accompanied, not only by the game itself, but an Avenger themed playset and 2 power discs.

If all of this wasn’t enough, Disney had more characters to show off. Villains Loki and lesser known M.O.D.O.K will be up against our heroes. Also, the upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy got a look in with Rocket Raccoon and Groot featuring in the video.

Disney Infinity 2.0 will also come with additional perks and features. Playsets, which are the worlds the characters get to roam in, are expected to be four times the size of their predecessors. Disney acknowledged that with many of the Marvel characters having the ability to fly that they would have to think bigger and better. Flying in 2.0 will introduce both hovering and forward flight, and players will be able to fight in both flying modes. Certain characters like Hulk will be able to perform huge super jumps and scale buildings. The level cap will also be raised to 20 and each character will have a customisable skill tree. In addition, all previous playsets, characters and power discs from the first Disney Infinity game will transfer over to version 2.0.

Whilst I imagine Disney won’t be eager to reveal all heroes and villains just yet, there will be some notable exemptions from the unveiling. Where were the X-Men or Fantastic 4? This may be due to a whole marketing plan as we know, from past experience, Disney release their characters in waves. For many of us, we will want to know who Disney have the rights to. While Disney own Marvel, several games publishers own the rights to various Marvel characters and their use. The movies pose the same problem, hence – we haven’t seen the X-Men (20th Century Fox), Spiderman (Sony) and Avengers (Disney) fully cross over. However, this may not pose too much of a problem as Lego Marvel managed to convince most studios into co-operating.

disney infinity marvel 2

One thing that will be of interest is just how many character playsets Disney Infinity are prepared to make. Although Disney has a huge back catalogue of characters at it’s disposal, many of which they have yet to include in Disney Infinity, Marvel definitely have a much larger pool of comic book characters. Will we only see the ones everybody knows and loves from the movies? Or will they delve into the murky depths of Marvel’s database? I may be a fully grown man, but I cannot wait for this game. Stay tuned with TwinStickGaming for the latest.

So who do you most want to see included in the Disney/Marvel cross over? What do you think of the figures themselves? DO they look awesome or do you hate the art design? Let us know in the comments below.

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