Driveclub Finally Has A Release Date (New Trailer)

driveclubAfter several delays many began to wonder whether Driveclub would see the light of day. Originally penned in for the launch of the PS4 Driveclub was rescheduled for around June. This date was soon pulled.

Fans of Sony based racers may have had a feeling of déjà vu, as Gran Turismo 5 underwent a similar and tumultuous time. Provided there are no more bumps in the road Driveclub has a release date of the 8th of October 2014. This is almost a full year after the proposed release.

Driveclub recently saw a change of Director, which is unsurprising considering the amount of set backs.  Paul Rustchynsky is now at the helm. Evolution Studios‘ intent was to make a driving game that focused on the social aspects of the game in an attempt to set it apart from its rivals. When the game was finally put together, Sony felt that what they envisioned as opposed to what they had were two different things. Couple this with Ubisoft’s exciting new I.P ‘The Crew‘ and you can see why Sony have gone back to the drawing board.

Here’s the new trailer that will hopefully put any fears to rest of a October release date.

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