Mass Effect Trilogy Coming To PS4 & Xbox One?

mass effect ps4Yet another title is getting a next gen re-release. With The Last of Us and Walking Dead both scheduled for next gen consoles this summer, Bioware appear to want to cash in on the action with a re-release of the Mass Effect Trilogy.

Chilean retailer Zmart Games has listed the trilogy as available to pre-order on both the Xbox One and PS4. Although no date or price has been set we expect to see a majority of the previously released DLC to be bundled with all three Mass Effect Games.

So far Bioware have failed to confirm whether this is a legitimate listing however, General Manager of Bioware Aaryn Flynn declared on Twitter that the possibility had been “discussed.”  Subsequently both versions of the game have been removed from the Zmart Games’ website.

With Mass Effect 4 penned in and an announcement expected anytime soon, Bioware will be keen to invite all next gen user to the franchise, possibly, for the first time with this re-release. Stay tuned with Twinstickgaming for any further developments.