Driveclub PS Plus Edition Detailed

Back in November 2013 Driveclub was to be the defining racing game for the PS4. Furthermore Evolution Studios and Sony hoped to bowl fans over by included a free version of the game for Playstation Plus subscribers. Sadly Driveclub was delayed for vague and unknown reasons. driveclub 101 With several delays Paul Rustchynsky was brought in to take charge and since taking over we’ve seen a huge amount of activity from Evolution Studios. Driveclub finally has a release date of October 10th and we now have an insight as to what gamers can expect to get from the PS Plus version. Driveclub PS+ will launch alongside the main game and will include 10 cars and five tracks with 11 ‘distinct’ variants, all set in one country. Paul Rustchynsky was quick to point out that the PS Plus version was more than just a demo;

It’s hardly a demo because you get access to all of the game’s features online and offline. The difference is that you only have ten cars and you can only race in one country.”

One thing that may have fans worried is the frame rate of both versions of the game. Evolution confirmed that the game will be 1080p and run at 30fps, something certain Xbox One games have come under criticism for. However, Rustchynsky did not shy away from the fact and didn’t try to defer the VG247 readers to something else, in the hope they didn’t notice. Instead Rustchynsky spoke with conviction and claimed;

We decided that 1080p, 30fps is absolutely the best thing, because what that allows us to do is to deliver the most detailed cars in-race that you will ever have seen.”

A bold claim, maybe one he has to make, but still his confidence is either misplaced or bodes well. Although the racer market isn’t crowded on PS4 at the moment, Driveclub will be eager to please and by offering a free enticement to gamers via PS Plus could prove a smart move for anyone who’s sat on the fence. Stay tuned with Twinstickgaming for the the latest.