Sky Go & Now TV Coming To PS4 & Xbox One This Summer

now tvThe apps are coming! Yes, Now TV is coming to both Xbox One and PS4 sometime this summer. However, even though Sky Go is confirmed for PS4 later in the year, Xbox One users may have to wait a little longer as a spokesperson said “Looking ahead, we will also consider any future opportunities for Sky Go.”

Initially both the Xbox One and PS4 received criticism from consumers for the lack of apps available and whilst this isn’t exactly a flurry of activity, it is certainly a massive step in the right direction. Sky is undoubtedly one of the big apps people have been screaming out for. Whilst content to view these services on PS3 and Xbox 360, people have been itching for Sky to make the leap to next gen. Both of these services will work in conjunction with your Sky subscription.

With E3 on the way expect both Microsoft and Sony to make major announcements in regards to other companies joining the fray.