Super Smash Bros – Full Roster (Updated)

Super Smash Bros. is another staple of Nintendo’s releases for every generation and each home console they release. This Year however, we will see the release of Super Smash Bros. not only on Nintendo’s home console – the Wii U, but the series will also make it’s portable debut on the Nintendo 3DS.

Those not so aware of the much loved Smash Bros. Series, will probably be a little confused as to what all the hype is about. Super Smash Bros. is a Nintendo developed title, a beat ‘em up which allows four friends (or enemies?) to choose their favourite Nintendo character from the expansive roster and do battle in stages that take place in familiar worlds from the Nintendo universe.

smash bros

OK, so that may not be the greatest synopsis, but it is a series which you really have to play to appreciate just how much fun and light hearted competitiveness can be squeezed out of such a concept. Although no release date has been set thus far, both releases are going to make big waves this year and will be titles that will help to sell both consoles.

To keep you up to date with everything related to Super Smash Bros. we thought we would give you a break down of all the fighters currently on the roster that will be available to choose from. Nintendo have not made any statements to say that this list is complete, so keep an eye on Twinstickgaming for any returning fighters from the series or any newcomers as and when they are announced!


smash bros rosalina
Rosalina & Luma

Mario Series Characters

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Bowser
  • Princess Peach
  • Rosalina & Luma (Newcomer)
  • Yoshi

A new fighter to the series. A popular character introduced in the Mario Galaxy Series. Expect lots of star powered attacks from this one!


Legend of Zelda Series Characters

  • Link

This version depicts amalgamated features of his appearance in Twilight Princess and his equipment used in Skyward Sword.

smash bros zelda
Princess Zelda
  • Toon Link

Two Links? OK, well his physical appearance in Windwaker is seen to be so different that he gets two versions of himself in this game, yet both will have similar and varying moves and equipment. Link’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl made him a popular character resulting in his return.

  • Princess Zelda

Another returning character, her style and look resembles that of her Twilight Princess appearance. It is still unknown whether Zelda will be able to transform in to Sheik from Ocarina of Time as she was able to in previous entries of the series.

  • Sheik

Sheik has always been a playable character but only if you played as Zelda. Playing as Zelda in previous entries of the series meant you got a 2 for 1, in that you could transform into Sheik or back in to Zelda at will. In this game, players will be able to play as Sheik straight away and a new move has been added to replace the usual transformation command.

  • Ganondorf (Recently announced)

It has long been rumoured that Ganondorf will make an appearance, but it is now confirmed that the Legend of Zelda villain will indeed make a return to this upcoming title


smash bros diddy
Diddy Kong
  • Donkey Kong
  • Diddy Kong


  • Mega Man (Mega Man) Newcomer

    smash bros mega man
    Mega Man

Another character/fighter that doesn’t belong to Nintendo, but his debut in the Super Smash Bros. series is a welcome and long awaited one. Capcom’s creation has deep roots in Nintendo’s history, spanning from the NES to the DS and his inclusion in the beat ‘em up series Marvel vs Capcom make him an obvious addition to the roster.


Pokemon Series Characters

smash bros pikachu
  • Pikachu
  • Lucario
  • Charizard
  • Greninja (Newcomer)


  • Villager (Animal Crossing) Newcomer

    smash bros villager

Another strange addition, as Animal Crossing’s only ever involvement in Super Smash Bros. was numerous featured items and stages, based on the world of Animal Crossing. This time though ‘Villager’ will be able to duke it out using nets and digging traps to incapacitate his foes.


Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus (Metroid)

Zero Suit Samus made her first appearance in Smash Bros. Brawl as an alternate form for Samus when you reached her final smash move. This version of Samus will have a new move set and jet boots, which will help towards quicker movement and recovery.


smash bros kirby
  • Kirby
  • King Dedede


smash bros marth
  • Marth (Fire Emblem)
  • Lucina (Fire Emblem) Newcomer
  • Robin (Fire Emblem) Newcomer
  • Ike (Fire Emblem) Newcomer
  • Pit (Kid Icarus)
  • Dark Pit (Kid Icarus) Recently Announced
  • Palutena (Kid Icarus) Newcomer
  • Ness (EarthBound) Recently Announced
  • Duck Hunt Dog (Duck Hunt) Recently Announced

An incredibly bizarre choice, the dog from Duck Hunt on the NES will make an appearance as a fighter for the first time. How he will fair up as a fighter is unknown at this stage but we will fill you in on the details as and when we have it.

  • Pikmin & Olimar (Pikmin)
  • Pac-Man (Pac-Man) Newcomer
  • Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles) Newcomer
  • Captain Falco (F-Zero)
  • Fox (Star Fox)
  • Falco (Star Fox) Recently Announced
  • Samus (Metroid)
  • Mr Game & Watch Recently Announced
  • Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog)

Not strictly a Nintendo character but Sonic (Sega’s Mascot) is a returning character/fighter from Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Nintendo Wii, where he made his debut.


  • Mii Fighter

A strange but interesting addition. Mii Fighter is the games take on a create-a-fighter. Simply select your Mii and choose his fighting style! Your choices are:

Brawler – a strong close quarters fighter that uses fists and feet to duke it out with your foes.

Swordfighter – A strong and precise fighter that uses a sword and draws inspiration from characters such as Link

Gunner – A long range fighter which uses a wide range of projectiles and draws inspiration from characters such as Samus.

In addition to these you also get the opportunity to choose your special move from a selection for each fighting style.

  • Wii Fit Trainer (Wii Fit) Newcomer

    smash bros trainer
    Wii Fit Trainer

A strange addition to the list of fighters, but one that is set to see a lot of fans of the series eagerly wanting to try out first! The Wii Fit trainer is said to use a fighting style that incorporates moves from the Yoga, strength and aerobic exercises!


  • Little Mac (Punch-Out) Newcomer

    smash bros little mac
    Little Mac

When watching the announcement trailer for Little Mac, it seems odd that this would be his first appearance. With Mac being a boxer, he seems such an obvious addition to the ranks. Expect plenty of uppercutting to knock your foes out of the stage with this guy.

Super Smash Bros. is set to release later this year on Wii U and 3DS. Keep an eye on Twinstick Gaming for the latest news and additions to the growing roster!


Super Smash Bros. will launch on the 3DS this Summer and on the Wii U this Winter. Make sure you keep checking back here at TwinstickGaming for all of the latest news.