Xbox 360 Games with Gold – May 2014


This months Xbox360 Games with Gold gives us the side-scrolling sword play with Dust: An Elysian Tale and open world mayhem in Saints Row The Third . Dust is available from 1st May until May 15th when Saints Row The Third takes over till the end of the month. Checkout the mini reviews below.

Dust: An Elysian Tail

dust elysian

Action RPG, Dust, from indie developer Humble Hearts, is a cartoony, 2D swords and magic tale set in the fantasy world of Falana. Our eponymous hero wakes up to find he is suffering from amnesia and using only his wits, a sentient sword he finds (or finds him, depending on your point of view) and the sword’s guardian, Fidget, sets out in search of answers. Instead, he finds monsters!

The plot is classic RPG fare, with all the requisite twists and reveals, told through beautifully animated, animal-esque characters. However, the real beauty of the game comes from the gameplay. Each stage is gorgeous to look at and has all kinds of things happening around you, from deer hopping through the glade, to beasties circling you to attack, everything is thoughtfully animated to elevate a 2D adventure to something greater than the sum of its parts.

dust elysian gameplay

The Metroidvania style gameplay sees Dust unlocking or acquiring new skills as he progresses through the story and explores the world. There’s even a simple crafting system that can be used to further tailor dust to your style of play (but if you just want to be a swordmaster, that’s ok too).

Slightly unremarkable boss battles aside, Dust: An Elysian Tail is the complete package!

Saints Row The Third


The Saints Row franchise has always played second fiddle to the daddy of open world games, Grand Theft Auto but that isn’t a bad thing. This allows Violition, the creators of Saints Row, to ramp up the craziness. From the very first mission in Saints Row The Third you can tell its going to be a mad ride. The Saint’s are now a corporation, yup you read that right. Gang warfare and rival corporations are your targets this time around.

Gunplay and driving have been tightened up since Saints Row Two. The variety of these has been increased too. Theres a huge number of guns and modifications for them all. You’ll find some classic movie weaponry here too. Vehicles can also be upgraded with more parts and colour options. You can also get a kickass hover jet that just about turns you invincible.


The game is full of equally ludicrous side missions and activities. The game world may seem a little bland and lifeless if you’ve spent the last few months in Los Santos but the mixture of gameplay types and the constant upgrades and unlocks will keeps you on the streets of Steelport for a while at least.

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