Sunset Overdrive wallrunning its way to Xbox One this year.


The Xbox one exclusive, sunset overdrive hasn’t shown much of itself since its reveal at E3 2013. What we were shown was a colourful open world, mutant slaying, parkour game. A funky soundtrack and oversized characters gave it a slight jet Set Radio feel.

Now insomniac have released a new trailer giving us an extended look at what the game has to offer.

From the very intro to this game we know it’s not some serious zombie survival type. Wall running and generally getting around the world seem similar to the early Infamous games. Zipping along power lines and railings looks great though.


The weaponry and character styles lean heavily towards a Team Fortress aesthetic. From the crazy guns and melee weapons, it looks like you’ll have plenty of tactical options when it comes to combat.

As an Xbox One exclusive and something fresh and new,  this could become a console shifter. A new title like this can be risky as an exclusive but what’s not to like about shooting mutants with an electric shotgun while wall running? We’ll have more info on this interesting title in the coming months.

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