Watch_Dogs: Meet the characters

As the excitement builds on the run up to launch, Ubisoft are kindly feeding the frenzy by releasing more information about their upcoming open-world, stealth-action, adventure game, Watch_Dogs.

This time, they’re shedding light on the cast of characters who will be joining Aiden Pearce – as friend or foe – on his quest for vengence. Some have been prominent in trailers before, others are just stepping into the limelight.

Lets take a look at the character rundown:

Claire Lile: Tattoo artist and suspected DedSec hacktivist.

watch dogs claire lileFrom what we’ve gleaned from the trailers so far, 28 year old hacker, Claire Lile, is the one who bestows Aiden with the hacking device that is such a big part of the game.

She has an almost archetypal ‘hacker’ look, borrowing from the mold of Steig Larrson’s Lisbeth Salander (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). It’s safe to assume that she is friendly towards Aiden, at least at first, and that she probably has or had links to Watch_Dogs’ digital activist/terrorist group, DedSec.


“T-Bone” Grady: Welder

watchdogs t boneT-Bone we’ve met before, in fact we already know that Ubisoft is giving T-Bone his own DLC story line. Welder by trade, its the civil disobedience that Aiden is more likely to call upon in his battle against the city operating systom (ctOS), the police force and the games’, as yet, un-revealed antagonists.

T-Bones propensity for creating chaos and blowing things up could be an incredibly useful distraction, especially for the police, during the Watch_Dogs main campaign. How and where he will team up with Aiden is yet to be seen, but again, its safe to assume he is friend rather than foe.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the DLC will likely focus more on the explosions and gunplay than T’Bone’s skills as a welder. Not that a welding sim wouldn’t be fun – its just, perhaps, more of a niche product…

 Jordi Chin: Occupation unknown… (probably an assassin)

watch dogs jordi chinEven more of an unknown quantity, quite literally, is Jordi Chin. The character trailer suggests that Jordi could be an unreliable ally. He is definitely seen providing Aiden with explosives, but he also looks every part the assassin: sharp suit with open collared red shirt, silenced rifle with scope, a back ground record that doesn’t exist, etc.

If this is the case, chances are Jordi simply works for the highest bidder, which could pit him against Aiden at other points in the game. Alternatively, he could just be a shadowy figure who is happy to help for a fee, but has no loyalty to Aiden or his cause?

Big prediction: Abstergo Industries (from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise) gets mentioned during missions involving Jordi Chin.

 Anthony ‘Iraq’ Wade: Former Army Signal Specialist

Watch_Dogs_Anthony_WadeAnthony ‘Iraq’ Wade is described as a self-employed, ex-military character, so a likely mercenary character. Its hard to say for sure, but it looks as though he and Aiden may be pitted against each other. Whether he remains a foe throughout the story is anyone’s guess. I doubt he’s the main antagonist, but may be in their employ?

He appears to be proud of his army connections and shooting skills, as he can clearly be seen in the trailer sporting a target practice t-shirt and army dog tags. The cynic in me assumes he will have had a dishonorable discharge for the army for insubordination, unsolicited killing or similar activity – but maybe Ubisoft will eschew the stereotype mercenary character and have a more intriguing back story up its sleeve?

Dermot ‘Lucky’ Quinn: Philanthropist

Watch-Dogs-luckySimilar to Anthony Wade, Dermot ‘Lucky’ Quinn is a tough character to judge. Clearly a shady character, with his multiple felony charges (even if he was acquitted), he could be a friend to Aiden; the trailer clearly shows him giving advice to our protagonist. However, there’s something about that gleeful grin on his face when killing that makes him seem… untrustworthy (or dangerous, or psychotic, or terrifying).

There is a snippet in the trailer that sees both Aiden and Anthony in the vicinity of Dermot ‘Lucky’ Quinn, with no guns drawn, punches thrown or blood shed. This could suggest that they are all working towards a common goal. Or, perhaps these are the people that betrayed Aiden in the first place and set him off in his vengeful direction?

With only a little over two weeks before we get to find out, get your own theories in quick in the comments below!

Watch_Dogs will be released for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on May 27th, 2014. Come back to Twinstick Gaming to read our full review!


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