Pokemon Remakes – What Do You Want?

Nintendo and the Pokemon team recently announced the exciting news that the classic Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were returning this November to the 3DS. These two remakes were originally available back in 2003 on the Gameboy Advance but their ever present popularity has ensured a return to the handheld console.

Pokemon fans will be excited to replay both titles that, at the time, introduced them to a whole new host of Pokemon and a rip-roaring new world to explore, Hoenn.

November may be far away and full details of what to expect from these remakes have yet to surface, but it got us thinking about what other Pokemon games we would like to see remade for the Nintendo 3DS?

pokemon ruby and sapphire


pokemon redPokemon Red & Blue (Yellow)

Although it is fairly obvious as to why Nintendo would choose not to remake Red & Blue, so as not to face criticism for flogging a dead horse, but Red & Blue have been remade and re-released not once – but TWICE!

Red & Green, as it was known when they were released in Japan, were reproduced and released in the western world as Red and Blue. These were then condensed in to one game with a new style of graphics and eventually released as the ‘Special Pikachu Edition’ – Yellow Version. Some years later, the game would then see another release as Leaf Green and Fire Red on the Game Boy Advance.

Even with this in mind, a remake of Red, Blue or Yellow seems like the obvious hoice, as it is the game which is most in need of a remake. This statement could be interpreted as though they need to be remade, to make the game better, but this could not be further from the truth. These titles were the games that introduced gamers to the wonderful world of Pokemon and the addictiveness to the phrase ‘Gotta catch ’em all‘.

So with the power of the Nintendo 3DS in our hands, why not revamp a classic game with the original ensemble of Pokemon and introduce a new generation to the game that started a phenomenon?.


pokemon stadiumPokemon Stadium

Pokemon Stadium was released on the N64 back in 2000 about a year after it’s release in Japan. Stadium was well received by fans, as they were able to play as their favourite Pokemon from Red and Blue in 3D for the first time.

Pokemon Stadium didn’t have a story mode but consisted of various challenge and battle modes for players to compete in. Gamers also had the ability to swap and change Pokemon around from their handheld progress, a early form of cross-play.

It’s proven that the Nintendo 3DS can handle N64 ports (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), the danger of this game not being able to run is very small. So what are the chances of us seeing a Pokemon Stadium remake? In my opinion – unlikely.

With a little time and a lot of love, Nintendo would have to revamp Staidum by including a story mode. By doing this, Stadium could feel original. However, one could argue that taking the time to develop a story to integrate in to an old game is pointless and that the Pokemon team would likely just develop a whole new game.

However, is having a new revamped game set during the Red and Blue era such a bad thing?


pokemon colosseumPokemon Colosseum

Released on the Gamecube back in 2004, Pokemon Colosseum introduced a new adventure and a new protagonist, Wes. Wes sets out through various towns and cities, commencing battles in several Colosseums. The game revolved around 2v2 Pokemon battles and had plenty of side quests along the way.

Unlike other entries of the franchise, Pokemon Colosseum does not feature random or ‘wild Pokemon‘ encounters and relies on you to ‘snag’ other Pokemon from trainers that you battle. Throughout the game, players will also be caught up in a unique story that revolves around the antagonist corrupting the hearts of Pokemon, in turn creating Shadow Pokemon. It is your duty to purify the hearts of these Pokemon and train them.

It seems that such a unique Pokemon game should be given a new lease of life, especially given the limited exposure the game had due to the small market share that the Nintendo Gamecube had against the competition of the generation. Although we haven’t really seen a Gamecube port on the 3DS, it seems as though porting a game such as Pokemon Colosseum could be possible when the 3DS has had graphically demanding releases such as Resident Evil Revelations.

It would be fantastic to see this game get the remake treatment, with perhaps some new Pokemon and new quests thrown in for good measure. Until then however, fans of Pokemon will have to dig out their Gamecube (or pick one up on eBay) to experience it.

Either way, take my advice – It’s worth it.


pokemon xdPokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

If Pokemon Colosseum was to be released on the 3DS, it goes without saying that XD: Gale of Darkness would have to follow.

XD: was the sequel to Colosseum and welcomed us back to the world of Orre. XD: re-introduced the trait so common with other Pokemon games, which is the ability to catch wild Pokemon.

Although the game was criticized as reusing a lot of material from Pokemon Colosseum, the re-introduction of being able to encounter ‘wild Pokemon’ and trap them using Poke Snacks in certain areas of the game, was definitely a welcome addition, if perhaps opportunities to do so were few and far between.

Due to the critics, it’s extremely unlikely that a remake of XD: will ever happen. However, if Colosseum was ever to be remade, and given the fact that a copy of XD: will cost you around £50 – £60 online, a remake would certainly go down well…. with at least me anyway!

Given that we have already seen Pokemon Gold and Silver remakes, perhaps some of these games should make it on to the eShop? Sooner rather than later!

So what would you like to see re-released? Which one would you like to have another punt at? Tell us your thoughts.

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