World Of Warcraft Movie Trailer To Be Unveiled At Comic-Con


The first trailer of the World of Warcraft movie, simply named ‘Warcraft,’ will be unveiled at this years Comic-Con.

Producer Thomas Tull spoke to IGN about some of the aspects of the movie and what we can expect.

With a great cast, there’s a lot of folks to follow, so I’d look more in that direction because there’s so many talented people working on it… We’re very aware of the fact that in the mythology of Warcraft, there are two tribes – two big things to follow. We think you’re going to get a chance to look at both.

So the World of Warcraft movie will focus on two tribes. Fans of the game will no doubt be hoping it is one of their favourite tribes that gets to take centre stage, but I imagine we will see the inclusion of other tribes from the Warcraft universe.

The biggest concern for fans of the game, and I suppose any movie goer, is whether the movie will actually be any good. Game-to-movie adaptations usually (and we are being kind) fall short of the mark. This is something Tull is acutely aware of.

Doing a videogame movie has not really been done well, and I think part of the reason for that is it’s been done for the wrong reasons. If you simply say ‘How many people have played the game? How much money can we make?’ You’re doomed. You’re doomed right off the start.”

“Bringing a filmmaker like Duncan Jones onboard to distill that and bring the incredible cast onboard that he was able to get… we hope that when you see the first trailer for it, you’re going to say ‘OK, this is not what I was expecting.’ He’s an incredibly exciting filmmaker.”

Whether this will be enough to distill fans fears remains to be seen at comic con. Warcraft will be in cinemas around March 2016.

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