Do You Still Need Xbox Live To Play Elder Scrolls Online?

elder scrolls 101Do You Still Need Xbox Live To Play Elder Scrolls Online? Well the answer for the time being is still a resounding yes.

You would have been forgiven if you missed all the other news amid Microsoft’s ‘BIG’ announcement, that the Kinect 2.0 will be removed from all future Xbox One’s and that it is no longer a necessary requirement. Microsoft, did in fact, change several other policies, most notably the restrictions to their Xbox Live subscription. Originally you needed to subscribe to Xbox Live to gain access to apps such as Netflix. This would then mean you would be paying two subscriptions simultaneously. Some deemed this unfair, especially if they only wanted access to the app itself. Microsoft have since overturned this policy but sadly this currently doesn’t apply to the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online or any multiplayer game for that matter.

Elder Scrolls Online is due out around Christmas time for the Xbox One and requires a £9 a month subscription to play the game. However, Microsoft haven’t rescinded the pay-wall restrictions to games. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer had this to say, “Right now we haven’t changed the policy on MMOs and free-to-play games…..there are engineering constraints, policy constraints and partner constraints in each one of these scenarios.” This implies that the restrictions are not solely on the side of Microsoft, but relate to the publisher as well.

Bethedsa has around 6 months to come up with some kind of compromise with Microsoft’s. Many free-to-play Xbox One titles are also stuck behind the pay-wall scheme, but back in January ‘Happy Wars‘ managed to lift these policies on the single player portion of the game. So far Sony’s PS4 doesn’t intend to enforce these restrictions upon Elder Scrolls Online, so gamers should be able to enjoy the game regardless of whether they pay for a PS Plus Subscription or not.

With the Xbox One continuing to make several changes to appease their fan base, I believe many can be optimistic that this policy will be lifted in time for the Elder Scrolls Online.