Destiny On PS4 – New Trailer Shows You Everything You Needed To Know

Destiny-gameplayA new and amazing trailer on Destiny has just hit the web. The Sony exclusive trailer has given Bungie the opportunity, for the first time, to really showcase what Destiny is all about. The video largely revolves around what players can expect to do, the encounters they will come across and the social aspects of the game.

Here’s the new trailer:

Destiny certainly looks stunning and whilst visually the game has a fair amount in common with Halo, this is definitely a step up. How Destiny’s approach and execution is carried off, will be what sets it apart from any comparisons. So far whilst Destiny looks amazing and fun to play, there are still question marks over it’s originality. How far you can push a online based FPS remains to be scene as many fall into the ‘extremely repetitive’ category? Very few FPS’ have lived up to the diversity of something like Half Life 2 and many often rely on the input of player vs player encounters to make their game appear fresh and exciting.

So tell us your thoughts. Does Destiny look like just another first person shooter or can we expect more from this beast?

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