Elder Scrolls Online Craglorn Expansion Due This Week

elder scrolls online 101Bethedsa have announced that the first expansion pack for Elder Scrolls Online will be available this week. Craglorn is effectively The Elder Scrolls Online’s first major patch. Craglorn is part of the patch and is the MMO’s first adventure zone.

Craglorn will feature quests specifically designed for groups of either 4 or 12 party members. You’ll encounter a new race known as the Celestials and have to solve the mysteries that surround them.

Originally announced back in April, Craglorn was sadly delayed due to bugs and tackling gold spammers. The studio has since then rectified this and is now ‘roughly’ back on schedule with its DLC drops. Zenimax Studios’ Paul Sage spoke to IGN clarifying the reason for the delay and what to expect going forward.

I think any plan like that can be disrupted if something unforeseen happens. But right now we have the second update lined up and ready to go onto the PTS [Public Test Server] once we launch Craglorn, and that’s coming soon.

The second update that Sage was referring to is the Crypt of Hearts, which is a dungeon designed for veteran players.

If you are one of those Xbox One or PS4 owners who were recently told that you wouldn’t be playing Elder Scrolls Online until nearer Christmas don’t fret. Live in the knowledge that a majority of these bugs and enhancements should be fixed or in place come the festive season. In the mean time enjoy the new Craglorn trailer.


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