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Asymmetrical, four-versus-one shooter, Evolve, may still be months away, but piecing together all the bits of information 2K and Turtle Rock have released so far has allowed us to build an overview of the game’s cast of characters and their roles and responsibilities as either hunters or hunted.

The four hunter classes are all very different in their approach, skills and weaponry. Each has their role to play in capturing and taking down the beast. No character can go it alone, and teamwork is necessary at all times to complete a successful mission.

Take a look below to see which character you think will best suit your style of play!


Val is the team’s healer. She has local healing abilities when she’s close enough to a team mate. She also wields the crucial MedGun, the essential tool for reviving downed allies quickly. Whether you are playing as Val or beside her, you’ll want to do your best to keep her alive – as soon as she falls, so too does your ability to quickly revive your group.

Val isn’t without the ability to do some damage too. She has a sniper rifle for taking long shots at the beast, but more crucially, the rifle also allows her to target the Goliath improving the damage all hunters cause to the targeted area, and a tranquilizer dart to both mark the beast and slow it down.

She may not be lethal at close range, but when it comes to tracking and keeping your squad alive, Val is an essential part of the team.



Heading up the assault class is Markov. He is equipped with the indispensable tools of destruction for when you come face to face with the beast. Explosive proximity mines, rapid assault rifle, and a devastating lightning rifle (short range, but powerful) are all at Markov’s disposal. You’ll want to get him close to the beast as early as possible. Markov will be at his most dangerous before the beast evolves.

He’s not just about fire power, either. In addition to having the heaviest of weaponry, Markov also has a personal shield helping soak up the damage the rampaging beast will try to cause. Markov is the largest threat and therefore the biggest distraction!

The only downside for Markov is the exact opposite of Val. When at long range, he’s not going to be much use to the team. Of course, thoughtfully placed proximity mines could quickly change that!



Hank is all about supporting the whole team. As well as having a hefty arsenal of his own weapons, Hank provides a shield for all his allies. You’ll want to try and keep him fairly central as you move around with your team.

Perhaps Hank’s greatest asset is his ability to call in orbital strikes on a specified location. With the relative speed and elusiveness of the beast, getting a direct hit with an orbital strike is likely to be something of a challenge. Instead, Hank can use the devastating power of the orbital strike to hem the beast in, or direct its movements making it easier to track and trap.

He also has an awesome beard, which is probably indestructible! Probably…



Griffin has the most specialised class in Evolve. Without a ‘trapper’ it would be virtually impossible to pin the beast down. He comes armed with a substantial submachine gun that can be used to attack the beast once you’ve tracked it down.

However, persuading the beast to stay put once you’ve found it is not so straight forward. This is where Griffin’s harpoon gun comes into play. Vital for stopping the creature in its tracks, the harpoon gun can be put to great effect holding the beast in one place so the whole squad can take it out!

With his distinctive, Sam Elliott look, Griffin will undoubtedly be a popular and key character to play as!


Evolve- Goliath-name

Rounding off our cast of characters is the beast itself, Goliath, the character built for those of us who want to be the one man army in a multiplayer game. Goliath is the beast that is being hunted, it can eat local fauna to ‘evolve’ into a quicker, bigger, stronger version allowing it to become the hunter!

Goliath starts out small and nimble; stealth and good old fashioned running away are the best strategies early on in the game. However, a bit of hunting the local animals is also essential for your survival. Be mindful of your surroundings and choose your moment to evolve carefully – as Turtle Rock has stated that Goliath is never more vulnerable than when evolving!

As for when you become big and ugly enough to take on your hunters, due to their ability to revive others, conventional wisdom suggests you should start with taking out the medic. But remember, Markov will be doing his level best to attract your attention!


Evolve is scheduled for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC in Q4, 2014.


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