Evolve gets four new characters – more news at e3?

Last week, Twinstick Gaming did a break down of upcoming four versus one shooter, Evolve’s cast of classes and characters. This week, developer Turtle Rock Studios lifted the lid on four new characters that will be available to players when the game finally launches at the end of this year. The four new characters slot into the four existing classes of hunter: Medic, Assault, Support and Trapper. However, because of their unique abilities, Turtle Rock suggests that this new quad of hunters will play very differently to Val, Hank, Griffin and Markov. They also let us know that you can mix and match your characters as long as all four character classes are used.


Evolve medic LazarusOur new medic is called Lazarus. He has a different set of weapons to Val and while unable to cast a wide healing net, he can completely revive his allies once they have fallen. The ‘Lazarus device’ is an invaluable tool for keeping you all in the game. Just as with Val, you’ll want to look after your medic. That said, Lazarus has a couple of pieces of equipment to help him stay out of harms way. Firstly, his silenced sniper rifle can help attack the beast at a distance without giving away his location. Secondly, when terror DOES come his way, he has a personal cloaking device that makes him virtually impossible to see. A careful, player controlled beast may be able to take some time and spot him, but the local, AI controlled animals will struggle to keep track of him when cloaked.


Evolve Hyde Assault

Joining the assault class is Hyde. Hyde is all about high damage at short range. Whether from his minigun, that can rip through local flora and fauna or from the awesome devastation of his flamethrower – which does enormous damage at very close range – Hyde is a force to be reckoned with. Obviously a big part of the assault class is being able to soak up vast amounts of damage, but it’s Hyde’s other tricks that sound the most interesting. Toxic grenades. These grenades deploy a huge toxic cloud – that only damages the beast. This means the grenades can be used offensively to damage or trap the beast while in hot pursuit. Alternatively, they can be used to help shield a fallen comrade until a medic can reach and revive them. The beast will have to think twice about going in for the kill if the hunter is shrouded in a poison cloud!


Evolve support Bucket The Support class is bolstered by the arrival of Bucket, a mechanoid with a whole host of technological wizardry at his disposal to help the team of hunters track and kill the beast. Bucket’s weaponry is fairly lethal, he comes armed with a laser guided rocket launcher which packs a punch once locked onto its target. He can also make use of sentry guns to fortify a position or direct the beast towards an ambush. Most interesting of all is the ‘high risk, high reward’ technique of launching his head into the air to assist in the search. Yes, exactly as crazy as it sounds, Bucket can send his head skyward to search for the beast over great distances and relay the info to awaiting hunters. The makeshift UAV comes at a price though, as once his head is detached, Bucket’s body is pretty much a static target until the head is re-attached!

Maggie & Daisy

Evolve trappers Maggie and DaisyDefinitely our favourite of the new announcements, the addition to the Trapper class comes with an addition of her own. Maggie, the Trapper, has her own personal extra-terrestrial, quadrupedal ‘pet’, Daisy. Maggie, the player controlled human, comes packing a machine pistol and harpoon traps (rather than the harpoon gun with which Griffin comes equipped) that can be set up to slow the beast down while the rest of the hunters light it up. Daisy, the player directed ‘Trapjaw’ (like an alien bloodhound apparently), can track the beast, literally sniffing it out and getting the hunters to follow. Furthermore, Daisy has the ability to revive fallen allies, essentially becoming the fifth member if Maggie is in your team. We know that the game continues while Daisy still stands, even if the beast has had its way with the rest of you – what isn’t yet clear is if player control switches to Daisy when Maggie is downed – or if we have to rely on AI to rescue the team? Either way, we’d better hope Daisy isn’t in heat.

Evolve may still be months away, but e3 is nearly upon us. Rumors are circulating as they always do, but one we particularly like the sound of is the unveiling of a new monster during June’s event! Time will tell… Evolve will be coming to next-generation consoles and PC by the end of the year. Come back to Twinstick Gaming soon for more Evolve news.