Evolve: How evolution works…

Turtle Rock Studios and 2K will be bringing a very different first person shooter to us at the end of the year. Evolve pits a team of four hunters against a lone beast. The beast’s best chance of winning is to survive long enough to evolve and become stronger.

Today, we’re going to look at exactly how that works in game. Anyone expecting to find more information on Charles Darwin’s theories should click here, the rest of you, keep reading.

Evolve- Goliath-name

Though more are rumored to be primed for a reveal at e3, so far we’ve only met Goliath, the beast featured prominently in all promotional materials. It’s unclear whether all the beasts will follow the same evolutionary path, we assume they will probably have different skills and unique abilities, much like the hunters do.

Goliath has four powers to upgrade, these include: pounce, fire-breath, rock throw and charge. As you can imagine, some of these skills are best used for offense, whereas others might have defensive uses too.

At the start of the game, the player is given three skill points to spend on each of the four skills. They can be ‘spent’ either on upgrading one skill to ‘max’ level or split across two or three skills. For example, you can leave your beast unable to charge, pounce or throw rocks, but they have all powerful fire breath right from the start. This would mean you had a dangerous beast that was unable to escape very quickly (possibly not the best way to play). Alternatively, you could give your beast the ability to charge and pounce (quick movements that are good for a speedy attack, followed by a swift escape) and the rock throwing ability to keep the hunters at bay. None of these abilities would be particularly strong, but would at least be available to use.

evolve-goliathWhen you have evaded capture and eaten the local animals for long enough, Goliath will evolve. Not only becoming bigger, quicker and stronger in general, Goliath will also be granted three more ability points to either further bolster an array of chosen powers or max out a different one.

With only two evolutions to go through before reaching his final form, Goliath won’t be able to max out all abilities so the player will have some decisions to make along the road. Is it better to have three powers maxed out – or all four at a high, if not max level?

The more we learn, the more we want to know! Hopefully e3 in June will shed more light on the risk / reward mechanics of playing as the beast – and hopefully also reveal a new beast or two!

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